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Located in the beautiful South Coast AVA!  We are a family operation of award winning wines, Old Coach Vineyards has been dedicated to making excellent micro-boutique wines. Planted on virgin terroir, our vineyards are nestled in San Diego ’s foothills just far enough from the coast to benefit from a temperate coastal micro-climate without being smothered by Pacific fog. Our vineyards’ elevation and North facing slope help balance a warm South Coast sun.

Summer 2017

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  • Loving a good share of my sunset surf with surfing giant turtles. Aloha, post harvest break. #oldcoachvineyards
  • So much fun finding fun things to dive for with my granddaughter, and toast a glass with those pool toys, haha
  • Hidden treasures in the canopy @oldcoachvineyards
  • More Syrah for an amazing crop this year@oldcoachvineyards
  • Mourvèdre is an awesome French variety that does well @oldcoachvineyards
  • Aglianico is our gold award winning italian variety, north facing robust little soldiers obediently awaiting a late harvest@oldcoachvineyards
  • Love my custom spray rig. Perfect for ease, control and complete canopy penetration. Thanks to our ingenious winemaker for the flexible engineering design and persistence to make it the best for our vineyards #oldcoachvineyards
  • Our sunsets have been spectacular #oldcoachvineyards
  • Look what someone left behind. Oh darn! No more Patron! It is empty. Exploring ports. Where’s Waldo? #oldcoachvineyards #balanceyourlife
  • This little winemaker is Playing hookie from vineyard work. Love this boat’s name. #oldcoachvineyards #balanceyourlife
  • Hummingbirds in training to establish territories within my vineyards, chase away other birds during harvest season, and do not harm my crop. Sustainable agriculture has been practiced at OCV and family farming ancestors for generations. #workwithnature #oldcoachvineyards #balanceyourlife

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